The Suppliants Project: Ukraine

Mon Oct 3, 2022, 7:00 pm

Notre Dame Stadium

This is a free event, all are welcome.

  • Stadium gates open at 6:00p.m.
  • Food truck offerings will be available with ND ID from 6:00 to 6:45p.m. Enjoy a pre-event dinner!
  • First 500 students will receive a free ND blanket and premier seating.

Join us for a powerful theatrical experience that invites you into a global discussion about war in Ukraine and in many other parts of our world.

On October 3, iconic Notre Dame Stadium will provide the backdrop for The Suppliants Project: Ukraine, in partnership with Theater of War Productions.

Featuring Emmy-winning actors, Anthony Edwards and Keith David as well as actor/director Tate Donovan and 7 Ukrainian students currently studying at Notre Dame, the cast will perform a dramatic reading of Aeschylus’ play The Suppliants, a Greek tragedy about the costs of war. Following the reading, a panel of Notre Dame community members who have experienced violence and war in countries around the world will offer their reactions and experiences, kicking off a town-hall style global discussion designed to draw out our reactions to the themes of the play, foster empathy, compassion and a deeper understanding of complex issues, and help us consider our role as peace-makers in the world.

This is a free event, and all are welcome.

About the Performance:

Using a 2,500-year-old text as the catalyst for powerful, global dialogue, The Suppliants Project: Ukraine seeks to amplify and humanize the voices and perspectives of members of the Notre Dame community and beyond whose lives have been touched by war, who will participate in the performance and discussion, both in person and virtually from locations all over the world. 

The Suppliants is an ancient Greek play about a group of refugees who seek asylum in the city of Argos from forced marriage and violence. The play not only depicts the struggle of these refugees to cross a border into safety, but also the internal struggle within the country that ultimately receives them, as its citizens wrestle with how best to address the crisis at their border and whether to go to war on behalf of the refugees seeking their protection.

This is a free event, all are welcome. 

Directed, facilitated, and translated by Bryan Doerries and produced by Marjolaine Goldsmith, of Theater of War Productions.

About the Cast:

  • Anthony Edwards

    Anthony Edwards

    Anthony Edwards most recently appeared as Alan Reed in the Emmy-nominated limited Netflix series “Inventing Anna” and in the Netflix series “WeCrashed.” He is also known for his role as Dr. Mark Greene in TV’s “ER” and starred as Lt. Nick “Goose” Bradshaw in the 1986 movie “Top Gun.” He is also an award-winning producer and appeared in many television shows, including multiple episodes of “Northern Exposure,” “Law & Order” and “Designated Survivor.”

  • Anthony Edwards

    Keith David

    Keith David’s work in narration has earned him three Emmys. His recent screen appearances include the summer thriller “Nope” and the leading role as Bishop James Greenleaf in the Oprah Winfrey Network show “Greenleaf.” His acting resume also includes appearances in “Armageddon,” “The Princess and the Frog,” “Platoon” and much more. He was also nominated for a Tony Award for best supporting actor in a musical for his role in “Jelly's Last Jam.”

  • Anthony Edwards

    Tate Donovan

    Tate Donovan voiced the title character of the Disney animated film “Hercules,” appeared in the 2021 film “Respect” about the life of Aretha Franklin and appeared in TV shows such as “Friends,” “MacGyver” and “24: Live Another Day.” As a television director, he directed episodes of “Glee,” “Madam Secretary,” “Hawaii Five-O” and others.

Chorus of Ukrainian Students:

Featuring Ukrainian Catholic University students studying at Notre Dame, Fall 2022

  • Soffia Dobko

    Sofia Dobko

    Sofia Dobko is a senior student from Lviv, Ukraine. At Ukrainian Catholic University, her major is Philology (Linguistics). At Notre Dame, she is taking courses in anthropology, American and religious culture. Sofia also enjoys drawing and painting.

  • Olha Droniak

    Olha Droniak

    Olha Droniak is a junior majoring in political science. At Notre Dame, she's taking courses related to international relations, world politics, policymaking, and American politics. Olha is passionate about theater! In her hometown in Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk, the theater is very modern and innovative, so she visits it very often.

  • Kristina Obluchynska

    Kristina Obluchynska

    Kristina Obluchynska is an exchange graduate student in the Clinical Psychology area at Notre Dame. She grew up in Zaporizhzhya but currently lives in Lviv as a student at Ukrainian Catholic University. Since the beginning of the war, she has been working in the area of psychological trauma and psychological first aid.

  • Yaryna Pysko

    Yaryna Pysko

    Yaryna Pysko is originally from Novoyavorivsk, Lviv oblast, Ukraine. She is an alumna of Ukrainian Catholic University, class of 2022, having majored in Political Science in an interdisciplinary "Ethics.Politics.Economics" program. She is currently pursuing a masters degree in the Master of Global Affairs program in the Keough School at Notre Dame, with concentrations in Governance and Policy.

  • Olha Droniak

    Solomiia Rozlutska

    Solomiia is a PhD student in History in the Department of History of Humanities Faculty of Ukrainian Catholic University. At Notre Dame, she is doing a research internship in the Department of History. She is also a Project Manager for International Cooperation at the UCU International Academic Relations Office.

  • Olha Droniak

    Olenka Tsyhankova

    Olenka Tsyhankova is a senior student from Lviv, Ukraine. At her home university, Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU),her academic field is Cultural Studies, which prompted her to become more curious about various nations and dig deep into their cultures. Therefore, she is taking American Studies, Art History, Anthropology, and Religious Studies courses at Notre Dame to rediscover American culture and history.

  • Olha Droniak

    Bohdana Yakobchuk

    Bohdana is a second-year exchange student from Rivne, Ukraine. In their alma mater, UCU, Bohdana studies linguistics and literature, so at Notre Dame they take courses from classics and English, as well as Ceramics.