Exploring the Role of Governance in Fragile States: Lessons learned from Iraq


Location: Online Zoom Webinar

Sponsored by the Pulte Institute for Global Development

Conflict narratives in fragile states are often framed by identity groups or other non-state actors along ideological or ethno-sectarian lines to achieve political ends. But in many instances, the main grievances of populations in affected communities are centered around basic dignity and livelihoods. 

Using conflict-affected Iraq as a case study, this event will explore the broader implications of a state’s inability to meet its population’s basic needs, offer recommendations for legitimizing government to strengthen fragile states, and discuss how these lessons can be applied in a variety of contexts. 


Read the Policy Brief

This event accompanies the release of a policy brief co-authored by speakers Todd Diamond and David Cortright. In the brief, Diamond and Cortright explore evidence of and recommendations for legitimizing government to strengthen and stabilize fragile states. 


Dalia Amin (discussant) 
Country Director, Erbil | Iraq

Search for Common Ground

David Cortright (author)
Professor Emeritus of the Practice

Keough School of Global Affairs

Todd Diamond (author)
Senior Director, Middle East and North Africa

Chemonics International

Maura Policelli (opening remarks)
Executive Director, Washington Office

Keough School of Global Affairs 

Mona Yacoubian (moderator)
Senior Advisor

Executive Office and Middle East and North Africa Center 

United States Institute of Peace

This event is presented by Chemonics International and by the Pulte Institute for Global Development, part of the University of Notre Dame's Keough School of Global Affairs.

Originally published at pulte.nd.edu.